Sydney Buries its Past         
Tin Sheds Gallery 14/7 —30 /8 2022
Curated by Maya Stocks

Photos by Jessica Maurer

Sydney Buries its Past was an exhibition of print, photography, sculpture, film, object and ephemera from the Tin Sheds Archive between 1972 –1994, in dialogue with new commissioned works from artists from the Sydney College of Arts.

Featuring works by the Earthworks Poster Collective, Lucifoil, Redback Graphix, Paul Worstead, (please see the schematic below for full list of works). 
Film works by Peter Kennedy & John Hughes, Jan Fieldsend, Mary Callaghan & Tom Zubrycki
+ works from the Tin Sheds Archive

Stuart Bailey
Mitchel Cumming
Alex Gawronski
Zöe Marni Robertson
Maya Stocks
Jack Wotton
Toby Zoates