Maya Stocks is a PhD student at the University of Sydney based in Sydney College of the Arts, where she has been researching the history of Earthworks Poster Collective which operated out of the Tin Sheds at the University between 1972-79. In her practice as an artist, curator and researcher she works within the mediums of sculpture, print and painting to examine the ways in which capitalist infrastructures, geared towards extraction and efficiencies, performance and ‘outputs’, have shaped the everyday world around us. Her studio work connects with anti-technicist approaches in written research exploring industrialised systems of the streamlined, efficacious, and functionalist versus the human, tactile, organic and anomalous. She is the twice recipient of the David Harold Tribe Fellowhship for Sculpture, the Fauvette Loureiro Travel Scholarship and the Arthur Macquarie Travel Fellowship which enabled her to spend time researching her PhD at the British School in Rome in 2023. In 2022, she curated the show Sydney Buries its Past at the Tin Sheds Gallery at the School of Architecure and Design at the University of Sydney. The show brought together key poster works and ephemera from the archive alongside new commissioned works from Sydney College of the Arts cohort made in response.